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Good transition to different generations, Characters true and likeable and sympathetic. Plot line easy. Recommend to anyone who enjoys westerns. Margaret

Terrific story. Love the characters and fell in love with them. Author captures their spirit and her love and knowledge of horses is a plus. A really sweet story and a good read. Loretta

A thoroughly enjoyable western novel with admirable characters. Imaginative storyline. Page-turning prose. Excellent gift for a lover of western and historical novels. Brian

A wonderful read. Loved especially the western, an evocative story spanning generations, with splendid characters, and great dialogue. Jenny

The two parts are hooked together in a way that makes you ancious to get to the next chapter. Characters are exciting. Provocative romance. Author’s knowledge of horse culture overlays much of the plot and adds a colorful dimension. Novel is an easy read. The format helps. The lack of unnecessary description helps. The dialog is a treat and sometimes laugh out loud humorous.  Harold

Enjoyed the characterizations of major players, interactions and relationship formations. The love between Olivia and John is beautiful; becomes a compelling story line. The interjection of Joseph Jr was brilliant; never seen it better, beautifully done. Timing of transitions was excellent. Finely crafted. Dave

Both parts of Go West for Luck and Go West for Love were fascinating, most enjoyable reads! The first half really gave you the flavor of the old west, while the second half spun out a whimsical tale.  Fun!  Toni

A fun, fast-moving read filled with adventure, romance, horses and cinematic scenery from the old and new West. Looking forward to more! Kit

I loved it.  I liked that you didn’t describe things in too much detail so I could put my own imagination to work as to what some things and people looked like.

Part Two I could not put down.  Thoroughly enjoyed the adventure through the lives of the characters.

Interesting approach going back and forth in time and characters.  It worked well.

I hope there is a sequel or another novel.