Go West for Luck, Go West for Love

A lucky poker hand wins Benjamin Harrison Johnson a ramshackle homestead, the Six Bar Ranch in California. There’s a big problem — a young lad, Joseph, comes with the property. Something he wasn’t prepared to deal with but accepts the challenge.

Discovering oil, having his house burned to the ground by outlaws, and the usual wild west adventures, sets in motion a fast-paced saga covering three generations of the Johnson dynasty, with many diverse characters and their experiences.

When Joseph marries, things change on the Six Bar Ranch as each generation must adapt to the times. It becomes a guest ranch for folks who want to ride the range and a place to bring problem horses for training.  And when Benjamin Harrison Johnson’s grandson, Jr., Jr., dies tragically at the ranch, his wife, Olivia, world renowned horse trainer, retreats to seclusion in Rome.

When friends persuade Olivia to train a friend’s horse for the Olympics, she finds herself, with the horse, on a boat that capsizes before reaching their destination. She and the horse end up on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas, where she meets the most beautiful man she has ever seen, but who she will only ever know as John.

When Olivia returns to Rome to continue her secluded life style, John pursues her to Rome. That’s when things get interesting.

Benjamin Harrison Johnson could never have imagined the tragedies and misadventures that his descendants would face. But in the end, it is the Six Bar Ranch that helps them heal and thrive.